Tattoo Creatives and Visionaries.

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Native to Austin, TX, Kyle Giffen is creative and insightful when it comes to tattooing your vision. His tattoo work focuses on bold clean lines and color.

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Looking for colorful tattoos in Austin, TX? Tita Jewels is here for you. She is creative, calm and professional. Give us a call with a special request for Tita Jewels today.

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Josiah Odom works with an attention to detail you’ve got to see to believe. From the simplest ink to the most complex and ambitious pieces, we promise you’ll walk away happy.

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Leo has a specialty for both realistic and illustrative tattooing. He applies realistic lighting techniques in a unique new school way. Check out Leo!


From initials to large, bright, and poppy. Zach's strong traditional tattoo influences will leave yours lasting a lifetime. Bold will hold! Come see what Zach can dream up for you.


Luisa is always ready to help guide you to your dream tattoo. Her ideas will be sure to leave you with an original piece of art that you'll love for a lifetime.