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We actually give a shit.

    At Little Pricks Tattoo Shop, we are a reputable Austin, TX, tattoo parlor that can make sure you get the ink you want. We know how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable while providing the best tattoos. Whether you’re a first-timer or not, you’re in good hands. Our staff will take their time to explain every detail of the process. Come in and let your body art dreams come true with us!

   Our staff is highly experienced and truly cares about your safety throughout the process. We have tattooed countless residents of Austin, including first-timers and those with plenty of tattoos already. Whether you know exactly what design you want on your skin or need us to help you decide, you can count on our staff to give you the results you desire. You can rest assured that our tattoo shop is safe and clean, and we use only disposable supplies. No matter what kind of image or phrase you want permanently on your skin, you can trust our staff to do it right.

If you are ready to visit the best tattoo shop in Austin, turn to Little Pricks Tattoo Shop. Our professionals are courteous and make sure to pay attention to detail for your benefit. You deserve to feel comfortable in our shop, and we’re confident that we can get you the outcome you are looking for. Please call us today if you have questions or wish to set up an appointment.

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