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10 Stunning Bird Tattoos Created By Tita Jewels

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Tita Jewels began her Tattoo career at Little Pricks Tattoo in Austin, TX. Among other motifs, she specializes in colorful and detailed bird tattoos. Tita is not only naturally talented but is an experienced artist who’s been tattooing since 2012. We think that you'll love these 10 stunning bird tattoos.

Tita’s bird tattoos stand out because of her use of color theory and the simple composition of her designs. Rather than just reproducing photos of birds, she takes the time to create her own unique designs that capture their essence. Her tattoos are full of life and emotion and are sure to bring a personal touch of nature to your skin.

Since tattooing began, bird designs have been among the most popular. This is likely because they hold powerful symbolism for many people. For tattoo artist Tita Jewels, birds have always been inspiring. She has a strong understanding of using bird symbolism in art. She uses this knowledge to create stunning tattoos with meaning.

Birds can symbolize a higher connection. They are often seen as messengers between heaven and earth, and they can represent our bond with the spiritual realm. If you are looking for a tattoo that symbolizes your spiritual beliefs, a bird tattoo from Tita may be the perfect choice for you.

Tattoo placement is key. The tattoo should flow naturally with your body. Tita Jewels has a great eye for tattoo placement and can help guide you to the best placement for your tattoo. She understands how important it is to find the perfect spot for your tattoo and will work with you until it is just right.

Looking for a tattoo that captures your love of nature? Tita Jewels will bring your tattoo to life- no matter how small or large the design. Often inspired by folk art and the magic of nature, she lets her passion for art shine through her amazing creations.

Tita begins her tattoo process by sketching out the idea on her iPad. This allows her to get a feel for the design and make any adjustments before finalizing the tattoo. She is meticulous in her work, and she takes the time to fine-tune the design before starting the tattoo. Tita has an extensive collection of colors and takes the time to carefully choose each palette. For black and grey tattoos, she uses contrast and texture to create a dynamic design.

If you have a photograph of a bird that you love, Tita Jewels can use it as the basis for your tattoo art. She can also create a bird tattoo for you based off a memory, loved one, or affirmation you would like to symbolize. You can even choose one of Tita’s pre-drawn bird tattoos. Come by the shop to browse her available designs!

Tita gets some of her inspiration from her own garden. She grows plants to attract birds and pollinators. Experiencing them in their natural environment allows her to study their colors and details. She takes note of their mannerisms and is sure to give each of her designs a personality as unique as the birds that inspired it.

Since a young age, Tita has been fascinated by birds. From their impossibly beautiful colors to their freedom of flight, birds never leave her without inspiration. No matter the bird, Tita Jewels will create a piece of art that you’ll be thrilled to wear forever. Are you ready to get your new favorite tattoo?

If you are thinking about getting a bird tattoo, now is the perfect time to do it! Tita Jewels is a fabulous, friendly artist who is looking to fill her portfolio with more bird tattoos. Spots fill quickly! Fill out an inquiry form to contact her today! Tap here to get started.

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