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Little Pricks Tattoo 

Client Tattoo Form
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You are hereby notified of the possible risks and dangers associated with applying each tattoo. These risks and dangers include, but are not limited to, at least the following:

I. the possibility of discomfort or pain;
II. the permanence of the markings;
III. the risk of infection; and
IV. the possibility of allergic reaction to the pigments or other materials used.


You are over 18 years of age.

You do not suffer from Hepatitis, HIV, AIDS, or other communicable diseases. I have informed my artist or piercer.

You do not have epilepsy or hemophilia.

You are not pregnant or nursing.

You do not suffer from any heart conditions, nor do you take medications that thin your blood.

You have informed your artist of any conditions you may have, such as Diabetes, that may hamper your healing post-procedure.

You do not suffer from any skin diseases or conditions such as keloid scarring, hypertrophic scarring, psoriasis, sunburn, bruising, eczema, or any other condition at the site of the procedure. 

You are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You are of sound mind, and the decision to be tattooed is your decision.

You understand that the procedure will cause a permanent change to your appearance. 

You understand that there has been no representation of your skin's ability to be restored to a pre-procedure condition.

You understand that there may be variations in color, design, or overall outcome between any tattoo selected by you that is ultimately applied to your body.

You understand that colors may not appear as bright as displayed. 

You understand that infection is a possibility from obtaining a tattoo, particularly if you do not take care of your tattoo properly. 

You understand that this establishment, Little Pricks Tattoo, or its affiliates will not be held liable for medical expenses that may become associated with the tattoo or any other financial compensation. 

You will not sue Little Pricks Tattoo or its affiliates for any reason. 

You do not exceed 350 lbs of weight. Our furniture does not support persons over 350 lbs. 

You consent to photography, filming, and audio recordings of yourself inside the establishment, and content to the use of photography, filming, and audio recordings of you may be in portfolios, advertisements, and personal projects.  

You understand that the overall price of the tattoo is subject to change depending on what is added, subtracted, or changed with the design and placement. 

You understand that if your artist leaves the establishment after your deposit has been made or during your tattoo, you must follow up with your artist for refunds and rescheduling. 

Are you okay with your tattoo session being recorded and used for our social media platforms?
Upload File
I have received a copy of tattoo after-care instructions and I have read and understood the after-care instructions. (You can download an extra copy by tapping here.)
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