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Lucky Mac and his Koi Fish Tattoos

Lucky Mac has wanted to be a tattoo artist since he was a little kid. His dad and grandma are also artists, so it runs in the family. He's been drawing for as long as he can remember. He went to Salt Lake and then Dallas to get an apprenticeship and sold art at conventions in Dallas. When Lucky lost his job, he asked someone how to get into tattooing and they offered him an apprenticeship. During this time, Lucky was living with his mom and got paid $100 a week for being an apprentice. Lucky drew a lot during this time and discovered Japanese art with the goal of doing full-body tattoos with Koi fish designs.

Lucky Mac has been in the tattoo industry since 2007 and has established himself as an accomplished artist over a decade. His body of work includes many different kinds of skin and styles, ranging from traditional to Japanese, blackwork to realism, and everything in between.

Lucky Mac loves tattooing Koi Fish for many reasons. For starters, the design of these tattoos is perfect for any part of the body. Whether it's a sleeve, arm, chest, or back piece, they can be tailored to fit anyway and create an aesthetically pleasing tattoo. He finds their inspiration and their symbolism.

Lucky Mac's design process begins with him carefully considering the direction the koi fish will be swimming. He visualizes how it will appear atop the body, considering both realistic anatomical shapes as well as the overall aesthetic of the tattoo. He is especially mindful about ensuring the background elements within the tattoo are placed well according to the koi fish shape and proportions.

Koi fish tattoos are a popular tattoo choice for many people. They symbolize perseverance, strength, and resilience. Koi fish represent the ability to overcome obstacles and keep pushing forward in life, as they are known for swimming upstream against all odds. Two koi swimming together can also represent the duality of life and the harmony between them. Gold, orange, or yellow-colored koi fish tattoos are considered a powerful symbol of wealth and prosperity in many cultures worldwide. For centuries, they have been used to bring good luck and fortune. In Japan, they are often seen on the arms of businessmen and entrepreneurs who believe the koi will bring good fortune.

If you're looking for a koi fish tattoo, then Lucky Mac should be your next tattoo artist! You can find him in Austin TX, at Little Pricks Tattoo Studio!

Click the link below to get started with Luck Mac!

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